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sumbit manuscript to Scottish Publisher

Tattie Bogle Publishing publish books by Scottish authors and books about Scotland.


Submitting to Tattie Bogle could not be simpler - just follow the following steps:


a) Write a fantastic book

b) Wrap the first three chapters of the manuscript safely in 10 notes

c) email a synopsis plus the manuscript (still wrapped in 10 notes) to the address below

d) Sit back smugly awaiting our adoration and praise

e) Get angry at us because: 

1) we don't reply quickly enough

2) we say your incredible book is not suited to our (obviously inferior) list

3) we say we'd love to publish your book but tell you that we don't offer our authors advances (just commission)

4) all three of the above

5) all four of the above


So, now you know all the ways we will annoy you and for some mad reason you still want to submit to us, here is what we are looking for:


* Fiction for Adults (though not porn!)

* Fiction for Children

* Humour for Adults (preferably funny)

* Humour for Children

* Poetry for Adults

* Poetry for Children

* Scottish History

* Scottish Guide Books

* Pretty much anything to do with Scotland

Tattie Bogle Publishing Scotland